DC Consults

 Emergency Management and Security Consulting Business

Security Consultation

We work to strengthen your business and workplace security


We, in collaboration with all 16 national critical infrastructure partners, private sector firms, and government agencies, work to maintain a secure environment.


We ensure that our surroundings on which we rely most such as schools, banks, transportations, and other public places, are safe and secure by every means. 

Security Analysis

With a team of subject matter experts working in the security domain, we enable our customers to construct a protective layer in their surroundings to ensure a smooth workflow and evident growth.


Our Subject Matter Experts will deploy to any Emergency Situation to fill positions at the field or EOC to ensure our clients establish a continuity of operations and government rhythm. 

Our Purpose

DC Consults adheres to the National Preparedness Cycle guidelines to enhance secure and safe facilities for private and public sector partners. The assessment process we offer nurtures a continuous improvement cycle. We aim to strengthen the organization’s safety and security operations. 

What We Offer

The assessment we create includes an excellent set of risk assessment standards. It recognizes vulnerabilities, formulate appropriate steps, policies, and procedures. By taking security assessments, we understand the extent of vulnerabilities and risks and intend to drive solutions that bring balance to our lives and businesses.


  • Protect facility occupants – spectators, officials, competitors, and employees – by employing current best practices for facility safety and security.
  • Facilitate compliance with the sanctioning body relative to minimum security and safety standards.


  • Facilitate compliance with the regulatory requirements of municipal, county, state, and federal agencies.
  • Enhance resiliency capabilities to recover from financial losses, including regulatory fines, loss of market share, damages to equipment or products, and business interruptions.


  • Reduce exposure to civil or criminal liability in the event of an incident.
  • Enhance image and credibility with a pro-active stance in safety, security, and incident management.

Our Approach to Emergency Management

Every organization of any size should understand the risks it faces, the communities are the homes to these organizations, and the cities are relied on to provide emergency services to these organizations. By working together and understanding its shared risks, community working with government agencies and local business owners can make smart decisions about how to manage risk, including developing needed capabilities. This assessment process should also look at other sector partners to addressed risks and hazards, for they most likely share those same risks.

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